Fasting week in the quiet seasons

We live in a time of constant abundance, chronic lack of time , are always accessible and lose the sense of what our body is doing really well and how little our needs. Our "bodies disk" is full. We slow down and errors creep in. High time to disable, delete useless and restart. This opportunity gives us Fasting.

Fasting is a new experiece of our body and mind, re-energize for everyday life. Conscious renunciation, perseverance and discover his inner strengths. You get a changed experience of the environment and your own changed body. Lose weight, clean and activate the natural abilities of the body. Sharpen senses and enjoy ..

"Time for myself"

Fasting is supported by exercise in the fresh air.

We will enjoy easy hikes amidst unspoilt nature.

If you want, you can make your own travel experience. We would like to come with you.

You Fast in the Felswelten after the Buchinger method. We have a trained nutritionist and medically trained fasting teacher, certified by the ( dfa ) .

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All guests have the opportunity to book wellness offers during their stay in our apartments in Saxon Switzerland or as a package deal for stay + selected spa:

The Fast course includes:



Accommodation / City

21.3. - 28.3.2015
  • For individual arrival, an apartment alone

  • For individual arrival, 2 participants an apartment with separate bedrooms




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